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Negotiating Can Be a Bit Like Poker: Know When to Hold 'Em

Archijacq's "poker face" is very good, but an inch or so off the bull's-eye. Poker face, literal or figurative, means to be expressionless, blank while it is possible, even normal, to play your cards close to your vest while smiling, frowning, putting moves on a girl, doing the dirty boogie, or ordering a burger. 'Tilt' plays it close to the vest - The Boston Globe 'Tilt' plays it close to the vest. By Matthew Gilbert, Globe Staff | January 13, 2005. Television and poker make unlikely bedfellows. At heart, poker isn't a very visually arresting game: The players sit still, shifting occasionally and struggling to look like Madame Tussauds statues. Eye contact is exchanged; silent calculations are made ... What does 'play it close to your vest' mean -

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Hold your cards close to your chest - Idioms by The Free ... If you play your cards close to your chest, you do not tell anyone about your plans or thoughts. Williams is playing his cards close to his chest, especially in terms of his driver line-up for next season. He plays his cards very close to the vest, leaving some attorneys with whom he's worked to describe him as secretive and manipulative. Playing it close to the vest -

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Top 2048 - Sluneč Each move, the board will add a number, the same number will be merged together by adding the same number in the sum will automatically close or when moving, allowing the player time to appreciate the larger figure has the passion and …

Besides Texas Hold'Em, Casino Deluxe offers other exciting classic card games like Blackjack, Solitaire, Video Poker, and the fancy Baccarat! Enjoy a rich casual experience, or bet big and bluff behind shades like the professionals! Hold your cards close to the vest, know when to fold them, and bet big when that perfect hand comes along!

The main thing you have to remember in Five Zombies Night is not to allow them to get close to you. Very clever, but not here!

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扑克牌是美国人的一种传统性消遣。最普遍的一种扑克牌游戏就叫poker。中文里的「扑克牌」也许就是从poker这个游戏的名字得来的。玩poker这种游戏需要有技巧,还要碰 ... 第一部 第十課: poker face , close to the vest