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You can find the detailed fishing limits in the General Fishing Regulations , the Division/Species Tables , and the Exceptions to the General Regulations which all apply to ice fishing.

Fishing the Minnitaki Lake Chain on the English River System ... There is a slot size for walleye on Minnitaki Lake, including Abram, Duck, Hidden, Pelican, Botsford Lakes and the English River, Red Pine Bay, and Rice River. Walleye and Sauger - none between 46-53 cm (18.1-20.9 in.), not more than one greater than 53 cm (20.9 in.). No person may possess any live fish taken by angling other than baitfish. 2019 Ontario Fishing Regulations Summary - Fisheries ... Zone 12 96 Fishing Regulations Summary 2019 General Information • See General Fishing Regulations for more information on how to use this summary, aggregate limits for trout and salmon and open seasons. Mahkwa Lodge | Fishing Slot sizes have also been introduced for Walleye Smallmouth & Largemouth Bass and Northern Pike. Be sure to check current Ontario Recreational Fishing Regulations Summary for regulations specific to the Lac Seul fishery. Northern Pike. Sports – 4; none between 70-90 cm (27.6-35.4 in.), not more than 1 greater than 90 cm (35.4 in.) Slot Size Limits | AEP - Environment and Parks

Quantity, Size, and/or slot restrictions are welcome Proposed regulatory changes to protect this important game fish. It's nice to see the DEC being quasi proactive with this species andWarmwater Fishery. Musky, Tiger Musky & Pike (ESOX). Changes to some NY Fishing Regulations (Pike).

Understanding Ontario Fishing Regulations, Slot Limits,… In Ontario’s Algoma Country, “slot limits” are in force that limit anglers to keeping only one “trophy” fish.All across Ontario, visiting anglers will notice that “slot limits” are in force for popular species like walleye and northern pike. A slot limit is a useful fisheries management tool that restricts anglers...

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Fishing Regulations | Cedar Point Lodge - Eagle Lake, Ontario Walleye: Conservation license – 2 in possession Sport fishing license (catch and retain in 1 day): 2; only 1 greater than 58cm (22.8″). Size Restrictions: You cannot keep a Walleye between 18.1” – 22.8” (46-58 cm). You are allowed to keep one Walleye over the slot size of 22.8” as a trophy.

The Gullrock chain of lakes is famous for it's abundance of Walleye and Northern Pike. Our on going priority has been to maintain and conserve our excellent fishing resource. The "Gullrock Camp Owners Associations Policy" calls for mandatory release of any Walleye and any Northern Pike over slot size.

Slot size limits are a type of fishing regulation in which anglers: Harvest a defined size range of fish in a given waterbody (a harvest slot) Protect a defined size range of fish from being harvested in a given waterbody (a protected slot)

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Members of Aboriginal communities fishing outside of their traditional or treaty area must hold a valid fishing licence and follow the corresponding seasons, limits, slot sizes and gear restrictions, or have written permission from a First Nation to fish within their traditional or treaty territory (R v. Shipman et al., 2007).